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Your Rights as a Patient

Gonzaba Urgent Care Center (GUCC) is happy to share with you that as our patient, you have rights. In an effort to protect your health information, the Patient Privacy Act was passed in April 2003 by federal and state governments. At GUCC, we understand that information about you and your health is very personal. Therefore, we strive to protect your privacy as required by law. GUCC is in compliance with these federal and state requirements, and we are taking extra steps to ensure all patient information is protected.

We train our staff to be sensitive about the privacy and security of your protected health information (PHI) by taking necessary steps to verify information about your account prior to use and disclosure. We appreciate your patience in advance for working with us to ensure the protection of your health information.

Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes how health information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. We urge you to review these notices so that you will understand both our commitment to you and your privacy, and how you can participate in that commitment.

If you have any questions about our notices or policies listed below or want information about exercising any of your rights, please call or write to our Privacy Officer at:
720 Pleasanton Road San Antonio, TX 78214

Tel: 210-921-3800

If you believe we or any company associated with us has misused any of your information please contact us immediately and report such misuse.

Click on the links below to review our Privacy Notices and Policies:


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