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Wound Care

Wound Treatments

Treatment is different for each type of wound. However, all wound treatment must include the following:
Cleansing with regular tap water to remove all foreign materials. When possible, the wound should be washed with soap. Some wounds may need flushing with medical syringes, while others may need surgical debridement to remove foreign materials or dead tissue.

Treatment should also include proper wound care and dressing, and the application of local antibiotics where needed. These basic steps in wound treatment can help prevent wound infection and protect it from the environment. Some anti-inflammatory medicine and pain killers might also be prescribed to reduce discomfort and improve quality of life. If the last tetanus shot was given five or more years prior, it is recommended that a wound patient receive a new tetanus shot or a booster; especially in cases of human or animal bites, or dirty wounds.

Preventing Wounds

The best way to prevent wounds of all types is to follow optimal safety measures at all times, paying extra attention to surrounding hazards in new environments. Always take the necessary precautions when handling sharp objects, and corrosive or hot materials.

Our medical staff at Gonzaba Urgent Care is dedicated to provide you the best care for your medical needs. For more information about proper wound care, please contact Gonzaba Urgent Care (210)921-6600.

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